Welcome to Gladden Village... 

...a virtual village developed by a small, dedicated voluntary group of passionate heritage lovers, with a strong belief in the benefits of heritage engagement for health and wellbeing.

Gladden Village is founded on three principles: Hospitality - Community - Compassion. 

The origins of these three principles underwrite the community ethos of Gladden Village, it's Village Council and village members (for more on this, check out our About Us page).

Gladden Village is for all! Uniquely, however, it has been created for and particularly welcomes, from the comfort of your own home, those of us who may:

Gladden Members

Membership of Gladden Village is FREE!
Benefits of Gladden Village Membership include:
- Weekly invites to the Coffeehouse Wednesdays 
- Quarterly Gladden Gazette (village e-newsletter) available from the Village Post Office
- Access to Gladden Library with monthly book recommendations, member's reading list, Heritage in Health Research section and the Poem of the Week Services of the Heritage Apothecary

More on all of the above can be found on Gladden Village section.

Member registration

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Send us an email at gladdenvillage@gmail.com with the following information and you will receive our Gladden Village Membership Information and registration form within a few days:

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